About us

We are a small family farm located in Dividalen, Målselv. Our family consists of five members: Marianne, Jørn, and our three children.

Marianne has many years of experience as a tourist guide. Jørn was born and raised on this farm, possessing extensive local knowledge of the area. He handles the guiding and is an experienced fly fisherman who is eager to share his expertise.

Our goal is to ensure that those who visit us have an unforgettable experience. We look forward to sharing both stories and knowledge about the area, hoping to provide you with a deep and memorable encounter with the wonderful nature that surrounds us.

We are excited to welcome you and assist you in experiencing the wonders of our region.

Who are we?

The owner, guides, experts in salmon fishing, and your main point of contact

Jørn Fagervold-Uleberg

The owner, guides, chefs, contact persons, and have a background in tourism.

Marianne Fagervold-Uleberg