Fishing spots

Uleberg farm has two excellent fishing spots


Skjæret currently has a lean-to shelter, an outhouse, glamping tents, and access to firewood for campfires. There is about 400 meters of fishing area, with a main pool. This is one of the best spots in the Divielva, and you can fish with fly, worm, or spoon. August usually offers good opportunities for dry fly fishing and floating since the river is lower, and it's a completely different hunt. The number of fishermen is capped at 4.


Øya is the second spot, here there is about 300 meters of fishing and there's always a good fly current, it's where the salmon pass by, but also a deeper spot so the fish stay a bit before moving on. Here, I recommend fly fishing, but spoon fishing is also possible. The number of fishermen is limited to 3.